X412: Add After Node

Consider the following class definitions:

public class LinkedChain<T> {
    private Node<T> firstNode;
    private int numberOfEntries;

    public LinkedChain() {
        firstNode = null;
        numberOfEntries = 0;
    }// end default constructor

    public Node<T> getfirstNode() {
        return firstNode;

    public int getNumberOfEntries() {
        return numberOfEntries;

    public void push(T newEntry) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        firstNode = new Node<T>(newEntry, firstNode);

Where Node is defined as:

public class Node<T> {
     private T data; // Entry in bag
     private Node<T> next; // Link to next node

     public Node(T dataPortion) {
         this(dataPortion, null);
     } // end constructor

     public Node(T dataPortion, Node<T> nextNode) {
         data = dataPortion;
         next = nextNode;
     } // end constructor

     public T getData() {
         if (data != null) {
             return data;
         return null;

     public Node getNext() {
         return next;

     public void setNext(Node<T> newNext) {
         next = newNext;

Below, write a Linked Chain method that will take in a reference to a node in the chain and a data value and add a new node containing that data value after the node referenced. For example

For example, if the linked chain looked like this:

A --> B --> C --> D

and the parameters were:

desiredNode = the node containing B
value       =  K

this method would change the chain to:

A --> B --> K --> C --> D

If the desiredNode is null then add the new node at the beginning. If the value is null then the list remains unchanged. If the list is empty then add one new node as appropriate. Remember to update the numberOfEntries variable!

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